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Lander Management Group LTD.


Founded in 2003 Lander Management Group (LMG) is a leading Canadian sports management company – specializing in player and facility management within the tennis industry. LMG has relationships with some of the top young players in Canada and also with several leading tennis clubs. We work with our clients and partners to help bring out the best within them. In the case of an athlete, we build a support structure including sponsorship opportunities, equipment customization, coaching and tournament travel, that will ensure that they have the best chance to succeed at the top levels of the game. Our club management team ensures that a club provides all the things necessary to optimize the player experience. We are passionate about our work and ensure that professionalism is central to everything we do.

Club Management  –  Many tennis clubs in Canada require countless hours of management, often done by volunteers, to run effectively. Unfortunately, not every club has enough qualified volunteers or staff with the luxury of time and wealth of experience to optimize their club. Our consulting team advises tennis facilities on best management practices, pro and admin staff hiring, club and court maintenance, purchasing, pro shop management and municipal/association relationships. Our hands-on approach to club management takes pressure off club personnel and enhances the member experience.  

Player Consulting and Talent Identification -  LMG offers a unique one-stop solution on the sponsorship side of the business, bringing together top young players, their families, equipment, apparel and lifestyle product sponsors, and provincial and national tennis associations. Relationships are the most important part of the sponsorship process. LMG has longstanding relationships with top industry brands and a history of talent identification that is among the best in the industry. LMG provides a full range of services for players and sponsors, including sponsorship representation, tournament scheduling advice, tennis association liaison, coaching referrals, event management and performance equipment preparation. All of the players and sponsors’ needs are handled from start to finish


For information please contact Jeff at jeff@landermanagementgroup.ca